Mawson Lakes School Vision

"Life Long Learners who positively influence our community in a global context."

Our School Values

  • Cooperation
  • Pride
  • Quality
  • Respect

What this means for students:


  • Considers others by making strong and safe decisions
  • Shares equipment and opportunities
  • Contributes to groups and teams when collaborating
  • Uses conflict resolution strategies to negotiate positive outcomes to problems


  • Acknowledges personal achievements
  • Pursues their personal best
  • Demonstrates a positive attitude towards learning
  • Values and learns from mistakes


  • Uses initiative by setting own goals and working towards them
  • Actively engages with learning opportunities
  • Continually reflects on their progress, seeking and responding to feedback
  • Persists when challenged to achieve goals


  • Shares ideas, opinions and knowledge in a respectful manner
  • Actively listens when others are sharing
  • Uses manners
  • Cares for self, others and our community

All students have been involved in explicit teaching and learning focussed on these values, which form part of our Reporting to Parents process.


Vision, Aims and Mission Statement

School Values