Visa Information

Visa Papers
If you have emigrated to Australia, please provide us with your Visa paperwork, including your Visa Number.
If your child has limited oral and written Standard Australian English, we expect that they attend an Intensive English Language school to develop their English proficiency. The zoned IELC school for Mawson Lakes School is Karrendi Primary School, however The Pines School at Parafield Gardens may also be able to take enrolment. More information (Brochures in different languages) can be found at Support to learn English (

Families holding Visa 457 or 482 temporary resident- please visit the website link below for further information regarding enrolment  The school will require a copy of the 'Letter of Confirmation'  provided by the Department for Education, to verify enrolment.

International Students
As we are a government school with a Capacity Management Plan, we do not take International Students (Visa sub class 500).
For more information about studying abroad in South Australia, please contact:
International Education Services
Department for Education
PO Box 1152, Adelaide SA 5001 | GFW, 31 Flinders Street, Adelaide SA 5000 

Telephone: +618 8226 3402          Fax: +618 8226 3655
Email:    Website:

If you are new to South Australia and are looking to enrol at our school, we encourage you to call us on 8260 1681 to discuss the information above prior to settling in Mawson Lakes.

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