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Mawson Lakes School Vision

“Life Long Learners who positively influence our community in a global context.”

All students have been involved in explicit teaching and learning focussed on these values, which form part of our Reporting to Parents process

Vision, Aims and Mission Statement (pdf 28kb)
Printed Copy of School Values (pdf 170kb)


Our School Values:

  • Cooperation
  • Pride
  • Quality
  • Respect

What this means for students:


  • Makes safe and considerable choices
  • Cooperates with others, takes turns and shares with others
  • Acknowledges the success and achievements of others
  • Resolves disputes appropriately


  • Values self and personal achievements
  • Strives towards personal best
  • Shows a positive attitude towards school
  • Accepts responsibility for their own actions


  • Is organised, on time and begins work promptly
  • Stays on task and completes work within timelines
  • Works neatly and carefully
  • Demonstrates persistence towards achieving goals


  • Respects the rights and opinions of others
  • Listens and follows the teacher's instructions
  • Communicates with courtesy
  • Cares for their own and others' property, resources and the environment


Last modified 15th March 2017