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Our School Fees (Material & Services Fees) are set each year by the Schools Governing Council. The fee for 2016 is $337.

The Material & Services charge provides access to the full range of materials and services offered by the school. These include student stationery, classroom materials, library resources, computers, internet access and other consumable resources.The school is still in its development phase with significant enrolment increases each year. This means the school needs to continually expand its resources to meet the needs of a growing student population. The voluntary component helps develop the library and high quality information and communication technology resources.

Parents are offered a range of payment options including payments using their credit card, negotiating a payment plan with the office or pay by cash or cheque. All fees must be paid by the end of Term 1 unless negotiated otherwise.

2016 fees for students commencing in:

Term 1 $337

Term 2 $252.75

Term 3 $168.50

Term 4 $84.25

School card applications are available from the office. For an electronic copy, please click here. Criteria applies.
Parents can pay their school invoices online. Just click on the link on this page.

Last modified 8th February 2016