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Defence School Transition Aide

My name is Casey Raeside. I am the Defence School Transition Aide (DSTA) at Mawson Lakes School.

The Department for Education & Child Development (DECD) and the Australian Defence Force (ADF) employs me to facilitate the DSTA program and to provide support to the students who have parents in the ADF at this school.

What does a DSTA do?

  • Welcome and farewell ADF students and their families
  • Help ADF children settle into school
  • Be a contact for new parents of mobile ADF children in the school
  • Introduce ADF parents and children to the school and its facilities
  • Support ADF children’s needs as required
  • Organise various functions throughout the year which involve ADF students, their families and the ADF community in the school

For more information, please contact me via phone on 08 82601681 or email at

Last modified 3rd April 2017